All announced by Samsung

All announced by SamsungAll announced by Samsung

Today is the day that has done detects pioneered by Samsung phone Galaxy Note 3, has also smart to announce her watch and called Galaxy Gear and Tablet Note 10.1 allocated for the year 2014. May have missed some of what has announced the South Korean company of offers and products, but here we will review your all announced by the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
All announced by Samsung
Expected from Samsung phone and ask a lot of ink , the phone will start as usual hardware specifications before addressing the technical specifications and external shape .
  • 5.7 - inch screen density 1080 x 1920 and 386 pixels per inch , as usual type of screen is a Super AMOLED
  • Strong 3200 mAh battery
  • Strongly Processor Snabdrajohn 800 2.3 GHz quad-core processor for the 4G version , while the 3G version will be charged strongly Octa Core 1.9
  • RAM 3 GB
  • 32 GB storage space with the possibility of increased
  • 13 mega pixel camera with the ability to shoot video accurately UHD or 4K
  • The ability of capturing 30 frames per second for UHD and 60 framework for fHD
  • LED flash
  • Digital image stabilization feature and Continuous autofocus
  • Front Camera 2 mega pixel camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0 , USB 2.0 and NFC
  • Sensitivities : accelerometer , gyroscope , compass , thermometer, barometer, hygrometer
Technical specifications of the phone was mostly smart pen , and shown off in the following :
  • Air Command: property enables you to open limited tools by clicking the pen button and then redirected to the screen, then you will see the settings as the Action memo, scrap book, screen right, S finder, pen Window.
  • Property Pen Window: from which you can draw a rectangle depending on the area you want , and which will show you the range of programs important to you , these programs calculator, a web browser , a list of contacts, clock , YouTube , Chat on and Hangouts. , Of course , with the opening of one of these applications will open depending on the space you just painted .
  • Action memo: in order to open an application but are smaller notes to jot down what you need quickly, you can simply access to the rest of your feedback .Gemayel is the possibility to know the thing that codified whether the person and his name, and then save it directly, or if you want to his call, send a message to him directly. Of course choosing.
  • scrap book: If you find a piece you like the Web and you want to cut, you simply select that location and will be saved directly, with pictures and everything, and it will be saved in the application of Scrap Book.
  • screen wright: This feature allows you to write on the screen whatever you want , and then transfer the image '' started them no matter what , from a picture of an application or other '' notes folder
  • S finder: so look for everything in your phone, and photos files, applications, and even notes.
  • Multi Window: The property , which was announced with Knott phone 2 , the updates in this property brings with it the possibility of transferring a file from one program to another , just like in Windows systems, also there are more applications than the previous. You may also open two applications at once, and also a conversation two people at once, and you can move a paragraph uttered by someone other person with ease, and even images , from one conversation to another .
  • my magazine: is a new feature that brings you the most international news , whether political or sports in one place tidy and beautiful , to enter it you only need to draw from the bottom to the top .
  • S note: Of course, the application is not speech , but has been renovated, is the new files , new and attractive form , you can see inside each file via drag it down . Also everything will be synchronized and you can see them through your PC or your tablet .
  • Multi vision: Do you remember the property in the Galaxy S 4 , which allows you to share some things with your friends ? Music or video such as opening and everyone enjoyed it content? Well, here's Samsung made ​​feature allows you to see a single image, but with the development of several phones next to each image becomes large, as if they were TV, feature also works with video.
  • High cri LED Flash with smart stabilizer: property helps capture great pictures accurately during darkness .
  • Samsung also announced for UHQA technology , which gives a clean and better than before .
As for the exterior design, phone came the design is contrary to what we expected , the camera surrounded by a piece of iron , and the edges of the phone by filaments, like a book or the like, also phone wallpaper became give texture wonderful they are such as flogging , but attached to the body of plastic not to lose the possibility of removing the cover back There is also there on the outskirts of the phone leads . Phone weight of 168g , and the thickness of 8.3mm .

- Release date is September 25
               All announced by Samsung
               All announced by Samsung
               Galaxy Note 3
               Galaxy Note 3Galaxy Note 3

               Galaxy Note 3
               Galaxy Note 3
               Galaxy Note 3

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