Apple officially unveiled reveal the charging of your phone iPhone 5C and iPhone 5s

phone,mobile,iphone 5s,iphone 5cApple officially unveiled reveal the charging of your phone iPhone 5C and iPhone 5s

Apple has today detects a couple of accessories for the new phones iPhone which was unveiled yesterday evening in a huge event held in San Francisco . The announcement was made new covers for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5s . A cover is made ​​of soft silicon and is directed primarily for iPhone 5C and there is also another cover leathery directed specifically for the iPhone 5S. Moreover , Apple has also detects charging base for each of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, but we would like to point out that each phone charging base of his own, and though , registered users use the charging base for iPhone 5S with the iPhone 5.

In reality , there is no difference between the base design special shipping b iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The only difference that exists between the two rules is in the slot in which they are put the phone to ship , Tatian rules open it suit the different design of each phone . However, since the design of the phone iPhone 5S similar to design the iPhone 5 , it means that you can use the charging base for iPhone 5s to ship the iPhone 5 as well.

Apart from that , the design of these rules to keep the phone display is always visible while the phone remains the status of shipping, and this is what the user can use these rules to make hands - free video calls . There are also stereo speakers enables users to play music from their smart phone . In any case , both rules for the price of $ 29 . But it is not likely to be available for purchase before September 13 , in line with the opening date for pre- applications for the iPhone 5C . And these can be made ​​available officially rules on September 20 , the same day he will begin selling Apple iPhone 5s to consumers .
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