Apple unveils updated iOS 7.0.2 to fix the problem LockScreen

IOS 7,iphone,phoneApple unveils updated iOS 7.0.2 to fix the problem LockScreen

Shortly after the launch of Apple updated iOS 7 users on September 18, an error was discovered in the lock screen or what is known as the LockScreen. This can be exploited compiler error unauthorized access to e-mail messages and Twitter accounts and images in the Apple devices that support this system even if the device is locked with a secret.

To fix this problem, Apple has today launched a new update carries version iOS 7.0.2 for each of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The size of this update is about 17 MB, so the process of updating your device will not require much time.

A few days ago it was discovered another flaw in the system iOS 7. This error allowed for infiltrators to hold calls on any phone iPhone supports this system even if it is locked with a password. But the record update to iOS 7.0.2 system does not reflect whether this update fix this problem or whether Apple will reveal another update in the near future.
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