BlackBerry Seeks a Sale by November

BlackBerry hopes to be acquired by NovemberBlackBerry hopes to be acquired by November

According to some recent reports issued by the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal , we can say that 8 weeks is that separates us from the end of the BlackBerry as a company or perhaps as a company specializing in the smart phone industry . In fact, these recent reports indicate that the Canadian company does not want to hang in long-term auction . Instead, you want to be the sale of the company for more than a new buyer no later than next November. Has been hired J.P. Morgan Chase to oversee the sale process.

BlackBerry Management Council announced last month that it form a special committee to explore strategic alternatives appropriate for the company, has recently been trading some rumors stating that the BlackBerry would like to make an instant chat service BBM as a separate company . Apart from that , there have been confidential discussions with companies interested in buying all or part of the BlackBerry . The latter , now has a small list of potential applicants , and she wants to start the sale process soon .

If the BlackBerry company decided to sell the same parts , there are many companies that would be interested in specific sectors in the Canadian company . IBM Corp. , for example , would be interested in the Department of Services for businesses . BlackBerry Messenger sector can be sold to a company like Google. As for the software sector can be sold to Microsoft Corp. and Google. Of course, there is the possibility that the sale of the company in the form of one piece.

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