BlackBerry plans to disclose its financial earnings for the second quarter of this year on September 27

phone,mobile,iphone,BlackberryBlackBerry plans to disclose its financial earnings for the second quarter of this year on September 27

Blackberry has recently announced that it intends to disclose its financial results for the second quarter of this year on September 27. According to the Canadian company , it will begin to provide the financial results at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time USA , this means that 90 minutes before the date of the opening of Wall Street . It is assumed that the BlackBerry company could sell itself by next November.

Although Microsoft has recently decided to possession of the mobile sector in Nokia Corporation worth U.S. $ 7.2 billion , it is still BlackBerry Bearing Co. mind. According to previous rumors , it is expected that the BlackBerry sells itself on the parts , for example, that sells BlackBerry Messenger sector companies such as Google and mobile sector for companies like Microsoft and business services sector for companies such as IBM.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting report which stated that the sales BlackBerry Q10 were very bad. With the knowledge that this phone was great hope for BlackBerry company to bet on this device because its design is familiar to users of previous BlackBerry devices so that it is available on the Qwerty keyboard on the actual reverse BlackBerry Z10 and smart phones in the market. Going back to the past , committed fatal error the previous administration for not dealing very good shape with the threat of phones supporting the touch screen when it was revealed the original iPhone in 2007. At that moment, the BlackBerry is synonymous with practical smartphones.

Although BlackBerry entry into the era of touch screen phone with BlackBerry Storm in 2008. This has been designed device with SurePress system that was supposed to make the touch screen like a QWERTY keyboard , but the phone has not been marketed well , as he is poor in terms of software as well as it does not support Wifi networks . In fact, this phone from Blackberry has achieved good sales in the beginning, but failed to strongly at the moment when the BlackBerry was in need of more sales than the previous.

Since that moment , the BlackBerry has become lies behind both iOS and Android . Even when things were in the hands of the BlackBerry is not the conduct of the company in the form required due to non- management are eligible for it. The evidence for what we have said now, when I decided to BlackBerry practice the rules of the game in the tablet market with the BlackBerry PlayBook , the Canadian company has introduced this tablet without the e-mail feature and this strange omission for a well known company in the field of software . There is no calendar also had a negative impact on sales, and that's what caused a lot of problems for the company 's financial BlackBerry .

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