BlackBerry Z30 is now being tested by telecommunications companies


Since a long time and we have not heard any news of new BlackBerry Z30, which is expected to be the first phone tablet in the history of the BlackBerry, the good news for those who are concerned about the fate of this device due to problems in the recent financial suffered by the Canadian company, they should reassured because the device is still alive and in good health.

In fact, there have been some reports today stating that the phone is currently testing BlackBerry Z30 with some of the telecom companies. Have we received this information from the CrackBerry forums where it was stressed that the phone entered the phase of the tests, although the picture above does not explain what the company that you test the device, because there is no telecom company logo on the phone or in the software.

This is very interesting because it means that the phone can be in the final stages of the tests, or at least in its final stages before it is officially announced. We're not sure of the telecommunications company that the phone is currently being tested, but these reports are still a good sign because it means that things are going as planned. In any case, it was frequented that phone will be unveiled later this year, but we are sorry, we do not know exactly when it will happen.
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