Do you copy was detected Nexus coming mistake?

Do you copy was detected Nexus coming mistake?Do you copy was detected Nexus coming mistake?

When it was revealed the new Android version, which bear the name'' KitKat'', provided by Google launched video as usual for a moment that has been put Android in Baan offices. Strangely in the subject, it has been noted a strange person holding the phone is written on it from behind the name Nexus. It is expected that this phone is the new generation of Nexus series phones provided by Google, which oversees it directly. Through the picture above, you will notice that the phone seem larger than Nexus 4, which carries the woman beside the man carrying the phone oddly enough, which means we might see a Nexus new screen larger, also notes that the word LG found the bottom of the phone, which means that the partnership between the two companies will continue for the next period at least.

Video has been withdrawn soon after observed by everyone, but fortunately I was able to find the same video but upped by the site Engadget Chinese version, and you can see the phone in seconds 0:39.

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