Expectations detects phone LG Vu 3 this month

LG,phones,phone,mobile,SamsungExpectations detects phone LG Vu 3 this month

A tablet LG Vu phones are completely non-traditional view of the screen size of up to 4:3. These phones tablet remains largely confined to the Asian continent , so LG unveiled the tablet phones out there in order to compete with a series Galaxy Note from Samsung . With the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 3 by Samsung a few weeks ago , it is largely expected that the LG also detects the third version of its tablet LG Vu phone in the near future . The Korean company said recently that it had sold up to one million units of series phones Vu . Having said that , there have been some reports today that the company LG unveiled plans to LG Vu 3 later this month, is expected to be launched in all parts of the world as well.

The new rumors indicate that the phone LG Vu 3 will include a 5.2 - inch screen density 1280 x 960 pixels with a degree of clarity and 4:3, quad -core processor Snapdragon 800 class frequency of 2.3GHz , the size of 2GB of RAM , front camera clearly 2 megapixels and 13 megapixels clearly background , the size of 16GB of internal memory expandable external memory via MicroSD. It is expected that the device also supports MicroUSB port and LTE-Advanced networks as well as GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 . It is said that the LG Vu 3 will come with pre- system Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

LG company hopes not only of the phone Vu 3 to compete Galaxy Note 3 in terms of specifications , but it hopes to compete with leading New Samsung also in terms of pricing , so that it is said that the LG tablet will be much cheaper than the Galaxy Note 3. It should be noted that it will launch Galaxy Note 3 in South Korea on September 25, it is not known yet whether the company LG aims to advertise Vu 3 before that.
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