High definition pictures review Nexus 5 from all sides

phones,phone,mobile,LG G2,NexusHigh definition pictures review Nexus 5 from all sides

We've heard and seen enough of leaks so far for the new version of the LG Nexus.But with some additional information and images that have been deposited at the site of the FCC, and these pictures review smart phone looks like the same that we saw in the picture that was taken at the inauguration of a statue event KitKat at the headquarters of Google Inc, "Mountain View".

This is the first time that we see the next version of the LG Nexus, which is supposed to carry the name Nexus 5 has been fully assembled. The device itself does not appear Nexus brand in the rear facade, otherwise it just looks like a device that we've seen in the inauguration ceremony of the Statue of KitKat.

To return to the previous leaks and rumors, it is assumed that the new Nexus is derived specifications of the LG G2. It has been said also that he would be slightly smaller than the Nexus 4 but will be available on a larger screen with a pixel size of 4.96. The device has a battery capacity of 2300mAh, is expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon processor 800 and the size of 2GB of RAM, and of course it will be the first device that supports Android 4.4 system, known as KitKat.

The question that arises now is, what is a company that will be responsible for manufacturing the new Nexus, because there are some rumors were hinting that the new Nexus will be from manufacturing company Motorola.

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