HTC will not expel its chief executive

phone,mobile,HTCHTC will not expel its chief executive

Despite the decline in the company's profits eerily Taiwan, but the head of the Council of HTC Corporation Ms. Cher Wang would not you quit Services CEO Peter Chou. Instead of looking back, Ms. Wang looks forward to a strong team work and work for the future, they believe that the better.

HTC has many innovative products and will continue to work to deliver our products special for everyone in the world.

President also commented on the three officers who tried to create their own design firm and leaking information about the next version of the interface Sense, said she thanks the management HTC strict, and that the theft does not have any negative impact on the Taiwanese company. He also explained that the company's goal is to focus on the Chinese market, which is the largest in the world and the first target for companies such as Apple and Nokia.
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