IPhone 4S phone explodes on the bedside table in Croatia

phone,mobile,iphone,s4IPhone 4S phone explodes on the bedside table in Croatia

As is always the case with any story burning a mobile phone , we must question a certain amount when you read such events. In this case, we are here with a new story concerning the burning of a mobile phone and comes here , this time with the iPhone 4S .

In fact, announced Ljubica young 28 - year - old from the Croatian city of Zagreb it was you charge her iPhone 4S using the charger that came with the device for the first time. It is clear that things are not working properly at the end of last week when she put her iPhone 4S in the shipping position on the bedside table .

Like most of us , young Ljubica has linked her iPhone 4S with the charger and put it on the bedside table while you sleep. And said Ljubica they heard the phone ringing early in the night, but could not wake up in time to answer the call . But when the phone rang for the second time Explode something in the phone, so that exploded loudspeaker as the front screen of the device cracked , and despite the fact that the device was in a blanket and visor , but there is some debris scattered on the table and the floor.

Phone still works and there were no obvious signs of burning electrical outlet , and that the shipper does not exhibit any signs that it is corrupted . The Ljubica went to phone repair under warranty, but the service provides free diagnosis has only requested $ 277 for the repair.

Young Ljubica was less worried about the cost of reform and more concerned about whether such an incident will be repeated again in the future. In any case, this is not the first time that we hear an explosion phone iPhone or any other device. In many cases, this is a conclusion that the batteries or chargers coming from a third party is usually behind these explosions . Other conditions can also play a role , such as unstable power port . In this case, we still do not know the reason behind this explosion . 
          phone,mobile,iphone,s4                 phone,mobile,iphone,s4

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