IPhone 5s phone is facing the problem in the production process

phones,phone,mobile,iphone 5sIPhone 5s phone is facing the problem in the production process

It seems and that the U.S. company will face a problem in the production process, as the companies involved in the manufacture of a piece fingerprint recognition are facing a problem in your crop they have, according to analyst Peter Misek that production problems are a big problem for Apple. In his report, the face of Peter investors note that Apple shares fell from $ 450 to become a $ 425, and the completed crop that companies have for this piece is catastrophic, as it not only provides 5 to 10 million units during the quarter.

Analyst predicted production of 20 million 5c and between 5 to 8 millions of iPhone 4s during the quarter, while during the holiday, it is expected Misek that produces Apple between 20 to 25 million units of the 5s, and 30 million 5c and between 3 to 5 millions of phone 4s . The that Misek lower the expectations to the question of Apple's shipments of 162 million units to 147 million iPhone.

I think that Apple will be partnered with other factories or support these plants in order to provide sufficient quantity of her iphone 5s, reliance on this stock is a painful blow to Apple, it will leave the square in front of a lot of people who might go for mobile competition.
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