Is it possible that the Galaxy S5 system comes tizen OS?

Samsung,phones,phone,mobileIs it possible that the Galaxy S5 system comes tizen OS?

Over the past few days we have heard a lot of rumours about the tizen OS coming from Samsung in many Chinese websites, and now is the time for these rumors that make their way to the web.

According to these new rumors that Samsung Plans To Launch next-driven, which is expected to carry the name of the Galaxy s5 in two copies, first Android system support with touchwiz interface, second version will support tizen OS developed by Korean company in cooperation with Intel Corporation.

The Galaxy s5 on the operating system of the company itself will be without a doubt is great by Samsung, but, unfortunately, the probability of this matter in view of the very little that this step would be a risk for the Korean Company, which depends much on a series phones Galaxy S to increase annual profits.

The copies Galaxy s3 and Galaxy s4, which have been observed recently in Malaysia with tizen 3.0 is the only reason for which payment technical media to talk about the possibility of the arrival of the Galaxy system S5 tizen OS side by side with another copy Android system.

In addition to that, even if the company already Samsung plans to disclose the smart phones tizen OS system in the future, it will not disclose it under the brand Galaxy, because this brand products allocated by Korean company-backed Android system and not for any other products, as evidenced by the fact that Samsung products that support Microsoft operating systems brand Samsung ativ.
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