LG confirms its intention to sell 10 million units of its current flagship phone LG G2

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In the past few weeks we have heard some rumors that the company LG aims to sell 10 million units of its current flagship phone LG G2. Now, LG came out into the open and confirmed the validity of these rumors, so stressed Branch LG company in Taiwan that the Korean company already developed a new target in the smartphone market, which is selling 10 million units, at least from LG G2 all over the world.

The LG spokesman said also that the South Korean company looking to sell 20 thousand units of the LG G2 phone in Taiwan month. Apart from that, the goal of LG company does not seem too ambitious, especially considering the strength of LG G2 specifications and the recent success of the company in the smartphone market. However, the LG company needs to step up its game and the leadership of intense marketing campaigns to achieve its goal.

In any case, we hope to achieve the company LG goal aspired to sell 10 million units of the phone LG G2, in order to tighten the screws on both Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market, because this will stimulate companies to compete and to reveal more of innovations.
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