LG D820 up to the Federal Communications Commission, may be the Nexus 5!

phone,mobile,LG,Nexus 5,LG D820LG D820 up to the Federal Communications Commission, may be the Nexus 5!

It's almost time to see the new version of the Nexus phone from Google. Although there is a lot of speculation which indicated that Motorola is going to supervise the manufacture of Nexus 5, has sent LG is just a new device known by name LG D820 to the FCC , and is believed widely that this device is actually Nexus 5 expected .

phone,mobile,LG,Nexus 5,LG D820Data and images that LG has deposited at the site FCC unveils cover with coil for charging wireless on the destination selection, and there is also a circular hole for the camera lens , a hole the same dimensions of the camera in a phone that was spotted during a ceremony unveiling a statue Android KitKat which Nexus is said to be 5 ( see photo above ).

Documents that have been deposited in the site FCC also give some dimensions of the device and revealed to us that the phone screen will come the size of 5 inches , and this does not bode well for the rumors that say that LG is going to be behind the manufacture Nexus 5 and it will be based in the design of Nexus 5 primarily on design her new flagship LG G2 with the knowledge that the latter comes a 5.2 - inch screen is not 5 inches .

Version of the system used in the tests is M8974A- This is due to the fact that MS8974A is the codename for the processor Snapdragon 800. There is also a reference to the presence of Key Lime Pie , a code name that was called on the next version of Android before it is officially announced recently that KitKat is the official name for the next major update to the Android platform .

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