Lumia 1020 and one of the three most smart phones selling the AT & T network

phone,mobile,lumia 1020,LumiaLumia 1020 and one of the three most smart phones selling the AT & T network

Lumia 520 is a phone Windows Phone that comes technical specifications decent and at an attractive price, and therefore it is not surprising to read in the article, analyst Michael Walkley newspaper Financial Post that the phone Lumia 520 is one of the devices that have helped to improve the sales of Windows Phone 8 in general. But interestingly enough, that we find in the article that the Lumia 1020, which is the most expensive smart phone with Nokia Corporation offers very good performance the other is on the market.

In fact, indicate the analyst Michael Walkley after he visited retailers that phone Lumia 1020 is in fact three of smart phones the best-selling AT & T network America. The analyst believes that helping Microsoft Corp. to Nokia recently in advertising campaigns and to highlight the advantages of Lumia phones had a positive role on these sales.

This seems very strange in fact, it is supposed to be a Lumia 520 phone with attractive price and specifications Windows phone best-selling iPhone, but what do you think you are? Are surprise you to hear that the Lumia 1020 is the third best-selling phone in the AT & T network in spite of its high price?

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