Lumia 520 Windows Phone iPhone in the world's best-selling

mobile,phones,Nokia,Lumia 520Lumia 520 Windows Phone iPhone in the world's best-selling

Another tidbit may leak from internal Microsoft's last meeting. It seems that the low-cost phone Lumia 520 is a Windows Phone iPhone in the world's best-selling, and that's what makes it better than any Windows Phone iPhone or tablet device that supports Windows system or even a desktop computer supports Microsoft's operating system. The main reason behind the popularity of this device is without a doubt the price is tempting. Recently, the Lumia 520 phone has become available at $ 80 without a contract.

It was Nokia's overall performance in the smartphone market low-cost very well. The Lumia 520 phone is capable of doing a lot of jobs compared to regular mobile phones without cost an exorbitant amount, and not only that, it also offers fine dining and excellent specifications, However renovation GDR 2 latter has become this device also supports FM radio as well. As a reminder, the Lumia 520 includes a 4-inch screen, dual-core processor frequency class 1Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro, RAM size of 512MB, clearly Rear camera 5 megapixels, the size of 8Gb of internal memory expandable external memory via MicroSD.

Incidentally, the Lumia brand is no longer in the possession of Nokia, it will soon be under the control of Microsoft, due to the fact that the latter had agreed in principle to buy the mobile sector at Nokia for more than U.S. $ 7 billion.
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