Man standing in front of the Apple store in Tokyo for iPhone 5S

phone,mobile,iphone,iphone 5s,iphone 5cMan standing in front of the Apple store in Tokyo for iPhone 5S

Accustomed to Apple launching new iPhone phone during each year since 2007 when it launched the first version of the iPhone. At the same time, it has become a tradition to see people lining up outside Apple stores and wait with interest to be opening the doors to go to buy the latest smart phone with the company. This year, Apple has to abandon their traditions away and decided to reveal the two models of the iPhone . There is no doubt that the crowds of people will accumulate in the shops on the opening day , which happens to be in the twentieth of this month . Mr. Tetsuya Tamura is a businessman 44 years old , has already lined up outside one of the Apple stores in Tokyo for iPhone 5S.

Japan is one of the nine markets chosen by Apple to be the launch of iPhone 5s in September 20 . Mr. Tamura camping if to speak directly in front of the Apple store and no one standing behind him , and this does not come as a surprise , given that there are approximately eight days to go before the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C .

When launch day arrives , you'll be Mr. Tamura first to get the new iPhone at the Apple Store in the Japanese capital Tokyo, and if he does not leave his place , of course , in the next eight days . In fact, Mr. Tamura is not the only person who lined up very early , there are a small number of people who have to stand too early in front of the Apple store in the U.S. economic capital of New York.
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