Microsoft is working quickly to end the Nokia deal, put in mind the BlackBerry

Microsoft is working quickly to end the Nokia deal, put in mind the BlackBerryMicrosoft is working quickly to end the Nokia deal, put in mind the BlackBerry

After a long series of consultations and meetings , Microsoft has finally decided to pay $ 7.2 billion to acquire the mobile sector in Nokia Corporation, and license number of patents. In fact, this move had a positive impact on the company so that Nokia shares rose by 40 %, but at the same time caused a decrease the value of Microsoft shares rose 2 % . Although the purchase of Nokia, there are some reports indicate that Microsoft still put BlackBerry in mind the company.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the company Microsoft and Nokia have talked about this deal since the Mobile World Congress , which was held in late February in the Spanish city of Barcelona . The agreement was apparently emotionally for the Board of Directors of Nokia , which took a long time , it has been reported that officials from the company Nokia and Microsoft have met more than 50 times before reaching an agreement . It was agreed on the main points in the middle of summer, and I went to the new dimensions talks in August last year. And it was here just one month before the completion of this transaction file permanently.

For Microsoft has found that the company needed to detect new devices with a strong brand to succeed , especially after their efforts in the Gaza tablet devices with the Surface brand is not enough. As for Nokia, has been described a plan sale of mobile sector as emotional issue as it is at the same time search for the self, and there is something implicitly indicates that Nokia know that it should have been the work of a big thing before facing more financial trouble , which could result in the bankruptcy of the company later .

These reports indicate that despite Microsoft 's acquisition of a company with a great history in the smart phone sector , but it still draws eyes towards the BlackBerry company which is still suffering the other is the lack of sales and weak demand for organs. It has been rumored that the company will showcase itself up for sale for a long time , and recently recognized the company finally do so . There were a lot of rumors that put Samsung and Apple to acquire prominent names on the BlackBerry , but now we have to add Microsoft to that list .

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