Monitoring a mysterious device from Samsung in India

mobile,phone,samsungMonitoring a mysterious device from Samsung in India

Recently been monitoring a mysterious device from Samsung codenamed SM-W2014 in India for reasons of research and development, and it should be noted that the information we received from one of the sites on the internet which tracks imports into the country. Apart from that, there we have a lot of information about this device except for the value of imports, which amounted to U.S. $ 214, has two units have been shipped to India.

The device arrived in India on August 14 along with a number of other devices, including the SM-N9005 known as the Galaxy Note 3. Also, time is included smart Galaxy GEAR in the shipment to India. At that time, it has been also send these devices for research and development and not for retail purposes.

The last device on the list of import is a device measuring at 5 inches codenamed SM-G9105, have been sent to India for research and evaluation purposes, not for retail sale. The value of import of this device is about $ 498, has been sent four units of it to India.

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