Moto X phone low cost will come with colorful covers interchangeable

Moto X phone

Phone is assembled Moto X is currently in Fort Worth , Texas , which is available in the United States only. However, there is talk about the advent of cheaper version of this phone , which is currently known as Moto DVX. It is likely that this version will be available outside the United States , and perhaps without the option of customization.

In fact, the image you see above is said as the covers rear of the phone Moto DVX which comes in four different colors , including black , green, white , purple, these colors are also available for phone Moto X in addition to other options include 24 colors else, so there is a chance that the phone comes Moto DVX new different colors other than those in the picture above.

In addition , people who will want to buy phone Moto DVX will not be able to choose a color camera, but you will be able to get a wide range of colors. Also, the back cover of this device will be removable , and this means that the probability advent of this device battery is replaceable and a slot for memory external MicroSD, although we believe that the presence of a port for the memory of Foreign Affairs is not in favor of Google.

It is said that phone Moto DVX will its price ranges between $ 200 and $ 300 , according to recent rumors there is a possibility to be launched in October.
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