New information about the phone Xperia Z2 nicknamed Avatar

phones,phone,Sony,Xperia Z2,Xperia Z OneNew information about the phone Xperia Z2 nicknamed Avatar

Was detected sleek phone Xperia Z consumer electronics exhibition in early this year, with the ability to dive in the waters of a depth of one meter for 30 minutes . The phone was Sony is a leading company in the smartphone market for many months . But in the past few months, the company decided Sony detected a new phone Xperia Z Ultra last week decided the Japanese company that also reveal the phone Xperia Z One , which is the first camera phone from Sony so that it is available on the sensor accurately 20 megapixels , this means a whole that Xperia Z has become a great age , is supposed to be replaced by a new leading phone.

From here you will begin our story . In fact, revealed a source claiming to be close to the situation specifications phone Xperia Z2 and who will carry the code name C770X. According to this source , the Xperia Z2 well known within the company in the name of Avatar will be equipped with a 5.2 - inch screen with IGZO Triluminuous technology provide a density of up to 500 pixels per inch . If this is true , the Xperia Z2 will be the most pixels in the phone world , given that the owner of this description , HTC One is available on the density of up to 468 pixels per inch . In addition, the same source pointed out that this phone will be supported by Snapdragon processor 800 and random memory size of 3GB .

For the camera , it will be 20.7 megapixels and will enable users to shoot video accurately 4K . As for the battery will have a capacity of 3200mAh. Since the phone is still in the research and development stage there is hope to be disclosed which is equipped with Android 4.4 system , known as KiKat. It is highly likely to be detected this device at CES 2014 to be held in the U.S. city of Las Vegas early next year.
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