Nokia is the leader in Russia

phones,mobile,Nokia,samsung,LGNokia is the leader in Russia

According to the latest reports revealed by the network Euroset specializing in market research, it seems that Nokia overtook Samsung in Russia last summer, has acquired Nokia's 29% of the total share of the smartphone market in Russia, while Acquires Samsung on 27% of the market. Apart from that, the chart reveals that both Nokia and Samsung lose their share in the market constantly due to competition from other manufacturers, but for a company Nokia has been able to regain some of its share in recent times. 

For shares of other manufacturers, they remained largely constant. But for each of the company LG, Alcatel has managed to increase the market share of some thing. 

During the past year, the company Samsung acquires 38% of the smartphone market in Russia, but the company's share declined in this year of up to 27%. At the same time, I lost Nokia some of its market share at the beginning of this year compared to last year, but the company has recently raised its stake again, and credited back to the marketing efforts and the number of devices that come at very reasonable prices. 

It should be noted that earlier this year, announced CEO of the largest telecommunications company in Russia, MTS, Mr. Andrei Dubovskov that the company will sell more Windows Phones iPhone and stop selling phones iPhone

Samsung has an awesome selection of products and amazing marketing ideas, so we believe that the share of the Russian market will know some of the oscillations. However, this shift indicates that the company Nokia has a very large capacity to play on the world stage and dissemination of a countless number of products with high quality manufacturing.
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