Galaxy Note 3

Officially announced Galaxy Note 3Officially announced Galaxy Note 3

During a press conference happening now in Berlin, the company Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note 3 phone officially, which is the thinnest and holds the largest screen of the previous screen phone and will be available worldwide in October.

As usual, the phone comes with a stylus S famous and said Samsung shortly before he was much stronger than previous phone and use the best of multitasking, phone covered from behind by faux-leather with the edges of metal to give the phone better shape, the phone screen Super AMOLED become the largest to hit 5.7 to 5.3 inches after it was inches 1080p heavily, 3GB of RAM, quad cores processor 2.3GHz frequency and camera 13MP, 3GB of RAM,

Has not yet been determined, but the price will be launched on September 25 in 125 countries and internationally in October.

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