Officially announced Tablet Phone LG Vu 3 processor with Snapdragon 800

mobile,phone,LG G2,LG Vu 3,LGOfficially announced Tablet Phone LG Vu 3 processor with Snapdragon 800

LG company has already chanting of a series Optimus Vu, and two bilingual very popular in the home country of Korea. Now, LG has officially disclosure of third-generation phones Vu chain which carries the name LG Vu 3 instead of Optimus Vu 3, and to the fact that the Korean company decided at the beginning of this year , remove the Optimus name from the high - end smart phones .

As is always the case with mobile Vu Series, it features a square-shaped screen , and it was the previous Vu phones come 4:3 screen phone, the new LG Vu 3 is no exception. The latter comes the other is a 5.2 - inch screen at a resolution of 960 x 1280 pixels , which provides a density of pixels up to 307 pixels per inch . This comes with the screen with the stylus tip rubber .

Despite the fact that the phone comes clearly below the level of the screen , the LG Vu 3 uses the same processor used in the LG G2 , and of course , we mean here Snapdragon processor 800 , and in addition to that , it is available on the graphics processor Adreno 330.

Not only that, the phone LG Vu 3, is available as well as clearly on the front camera 2.1 megapixels and 13 megapixels clearly background Although the press release did not mention anything about technology to prevent vibration or what is known as the OIS. Moreover , the new LG tablet phone supports LTE-Advanced networks and KnockON adding to Qlink that allows sending notices between the phone and the tablet.

LG Vu 3 phone will also come with QuickView without covers Unlike window coverings LG G2 . Instead, the LG Vu 3 covers are transparent in the front end and allow to show the contents of the screen. Regardless , the company says it will launch the LG phone LG Vu 3 in the fourth quarter of this year , but do not have any new details regarding the price.
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