Price and the date of disclosure awaited Tablet Phone HTC One Max

phones,phone,mobile,HTC,HTC One MaxPrice and the date of disclosure awaited Tablet Phone HTC One Max

HTC One phone will get the bulk copy very soon, now known as the HTC One Max. In fact, we have heard and read a lot of things about this version over the past period, and now we are here with a new leaked image reveals a lot of information about this tablet phone is expected.

New picture reveals that the phone HTC One Max will come under the code name HTC 8088, as it will screen 5.9 inches at a resolution of 1080p, quad-core frequency of 1.7GHz and will probably be of class Snapdragon 600 judging by the reluctance rather than Snapdragon 800 as rumored previously , the size of 2GB of RAM, and all this will come with a 3300mAh battery and Android-4.3 Jelly Bean.

For the rear camera, you'll come technology Ultra pixel, but it is not yet clear whether the technology will come to prevent vibration or what is known as OIS with the knowledge that this technology is available in all of the HTC One and ButterFly S. the Moreover, the front camera is 2.1 megapixels will come, and will be accompanied by LED flash rear camera and said that the fingerprint reader.

In addition, these new leaks confirmed that the phone HTC One Max or rather the HTC 8088 will cost a maximum of $ 800, according to these rumors, it is likely to be detected this device in the month of October.   
  phones,phone,mobile,HTC,HTC One Max
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