Reduce the price of Moto X phone soon

Reduce the price of Moto X phone soonReduce the price of Moto X phone soon

Got some news stating that the Moto X phone will be the price of 99.99 $ in the fourth quarter of this year, which means that the phone will decrease by approximately $ 100 from the original price, which was launched.

The news is not official, but largely uncertain, particularly as it came from lane famous @ evleak where the phone is sold to $ 199.99 or $ 249.99 with a two-year contract, according to the space you take the phone, as the phone comes with 16GB and 32GB.

Others and yet clear reduction will be on the phones that it offers and you'll get a hold of one of the networks? Or even a phone without any contracts will get a reduction in price as well.

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