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LG G2,LG,phone,Review: LG G2LG G2

We are now almost at the end of the year 2013 and all the major companies have issued their phones awaited major task and, perhaps most recently issued LG G2 phone is very important to have. Korean company certainly has not worked much in previous versions, and I'm talking here about commercial success, especially compared to the other neighbor Korean Samsung. But on the other hand, was level there are many brilliant handsets from the company and mention them 4X HD, for example .Today we are introducing phone seems very familiar in terms of design, and it seems that LG want to follow by Samsung in the industry globally renowned phone such as the Galaxy S, and this seems a goal worth shooting. But LG was able to provide a wonderful phone again? This will become clear to all the more after reading the following lines of our overall.

Design and shape
When I said that LG are going in the footsteps of Samsung figured I mean that literally to what degree , LG Vhatv G2 looks like Samsung phones designs externally is very large, even if I hid LG logo I think the viewer that Samsung phone . The body is made ​​of plastic, and the back of the phone of the kind which combines the effects of the fingers, and maybe some of this disturbed . The rest of the design is not something special or creative , almost seems like the S4 from Samsung. Perhaps the great radical change is the lack of buttons to lock the device or volume control on either side of the machine!
LG G2,LG,phone
Buttons also is found in the bottom and not at the top , if where you went their LG? Now the buttons found in the back of the machine! The idea is that phones have become big , especially this phone from LG has a screen size of 5.2 inches, and therefore no longer logically by the Korean company thinking that the buttons on the sides. When you hold the device with one hand , you 'll find that your index finger is located in the middle of the device and the back of the above , and this is where these new buttons . Is this a perfect place ? I can not judge , it will vary from one person to another , you may not like the place and do not get used to it , and perhaps like a lot until you Stl return to the old way of places buttons in the back . After all LG put an additional option to open the lock screen and I find it the best of all the buttons, and the way a road twice on the screen of the device . To understand everything more new places buttons and the idea of looking at ways Review video attached to this article.

We have said that the device screen size of 5.2 inches, and some might say that the phone would be large compared to other phones, but the fact that the dimensions of the phone are similar to phones carry a 5-inch screen and is 5.2 inches. LG managed by reducing the space between the screen and the party machine, and thus became the screen covering the front of the phone is very beautiful. Screen of the most important features of the device in my opinion, is a kind of LCD IPS, which provides the best results these days with natural colors and sophisticated viewing angles of it. Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and thus be 423 ppi pixel density approx. Through our experience Screens offers a very accurate images clearly and wonderful. Everything on the screen looks fun, like reading and watch the video and even play. Perhaps the only drawback, which is probably due to our semi-final version of the device that the automatic screen brightness adjustment does not work well, but can be disabled at any time.

Interface and operating system
The phone works on modern Android 4.2.2 system, and there are as expected from everyone and LG interface. You may be familiar interface for those who frequently used Samsung Touch Louise, Korean The company also quoted some of its neighbor thing here. But LG also developed some smart features its own here, and we will certainly review the most important. First, perhaps the previously mentioned property and are touching the screen twice quickly to unlock the device, and LG here simulates a knock on the door of the house to get permission to enter, the idea is very nice and helpful from my experience.
LG G2,LG,phone

There is also a guest or developed Guest Mode, and is developed especially useful for those with many children and young brothers who are messing in the phone a lot and leave out the applications and other annoying behaviors. But surely some of you do not want to deprive children of perhaps a game like the play or surf the Internet or watch YouTube maybe. Well LG here give us an excellent choice, where you can set a password private make the child enters the guest phone in the process, and therefore can not access the settings or the store or anything else, but can only use a specific set of applications you choose him carefully as mentioned. To know more clearly on this idea and applied watched video of our Review.

Other advantages for Qslide interface which make property by moving three fingers on the screen, put the application on the side to return to him again, is a different idea for multitasking but I do not find it of great importance. Also LG and put the so-called b QuickRemote and is an application that allows you to control various electronic devices in the home and turn your phone into a remote control and comprehensive. There are also other additions from the company, such as alerts that area looks very crowded different options, if you do not like, you can control them via the device settings certainly.

Disk imaging and video
Our phone has normal front camera 2.1 megapixels, and is used for personal imaging and video calls. But the rearview camera and powerful 13 megapixels, and is capable of taking pictures with a very high accuracy. If we talked about the results of our experience, what we saw was fantastic. Both still images at night and under low light or in the daytime looks excellent, high accuracy even after zoom in and enlarge and also bright colors. Korean company also added many features of the camera, including Tracking Zoom which allows you closer image on a certain thing during filming for greater accuracy.

LG G2,LG,phoneLG G2,LG,phone

LG G2,LG,phoneLG G2,LG,phone

(Upper Pictures taken in the daytime, roses picture taken inside the house in very poor lighting conditions, and suites image abroad also took in lower lighting conditions of the medium)

There is also the Audio Zoom, a feature in the video shooting allows you to straighten phone microphone on a particular person during the filming to focus on his voice compared to the Yearbook. Speaking of shooting video, the camera is LG G2 almost the first camera offers video shoot 1080p at 60 fps. When you shoot in the day you will find great results when you see a video with 60 fps, at night, unfortunately, at least the number of frames. But the results of imaging in the day and night is too great, you can see samples at the bottom.

Performance and battery
Snapdragon processor 800 best in the market, you can expect that the LG G2 is a monster, and offers very high performance in the performance tests, easily beating the likes of Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The phone also comes with 2GB of RAM and optional storage capacity between 16GB and 32Gb, unfortunately, there is no option of additional memory. Certainly some might wonder whether the big screen brilliant and superior processor cause a large consumption of the battery, but in fact, from our experience the battery is controlled by the phone nicely, and is itself a very excellent battery capacity of 3,000 mAh. Battery can continue for a full day of heavy use, and can continue for several days of moderate use.

When you see the phone from abroad may seem to you is absolutely distinctive, but what that delves inside until you find what you like very much your. The best processor in the phone market offers great performance no matter how preoccupied applications, games, multitasking, and those wonderful screen and the edges watching him and playing video is great fun. But do not stop here LG in creativity phone offers battery capacity of 3,000 mAh unusual in phones of this size, and thus the fun continue to exploit the capabilities of the device brilliant.
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