Rumors claim that the date of disclosure of Nexus 5, Android KitKat will be on October 14

phones,mobile,phone,Nexus 5Rumors claim that the date of disclosure of Nexus 5, Android KitKat will be on October 14

Let's start this correctly by saying there is no actual evidence to support this claim . There is only a set of proposals by an anonymous source to some blogging . This means that the information can be in one way or another to come from one person decided to talk to several different places and give the same information wrong ( or Correct ) , and unfortunately we have no way of knowing that.

It is said that there are rumors indicate that it is expected that Google will on the 14 day of the next month of October to reveal officially unveiled the Nexus 5 along with system Android 4.4 KitKat. Certainly that is the launch of the new Nexus devices in Google Play store first , and this means that there will be no leaks , and that sometimes we receive from various retail stores or through shipping records . If the data that has been recently monitored at the site of the Federal Communications Commission actually belong Nexus 5 , this is an indication that the device is ready to sweep the market already . Going back to last June , there were some rumors that pointed out that it will be unveiled the next major version of the Android system in October , known at the time the name of Key Lime Pie.

Rumors did not stand for this limit , but also pointed out some of the features that are expected to come by Android KitKat. According to these new rumors , the next version of the Android system will improve compatibility with older devices , and possible improvements for portable computers . Ausdroid says that the new update to the Android system will also provide changes to the system retail ( Fragments system ) , in addition to the renovation Miracast and bring added special notifications.
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