Samsung managed to sell 38 million Galaxy Note devices

phone,mobile,samsung,Galaxy Note 3,Galaxy Note 1,Galaxy Note 2Samsung managed to sell 38 million Galaxy Note devices

In fact, there were many skeptics about whether you step detection Galaxy Note for the first time in the year 2011 is to gamble from Samsung. On the other hand, there were few people who expected this device to succeed in the market. In fact, Samsung has announced just that they managed to sell more than 38 million Galaxy Note 1 device and the Galaxy Note 2, is expected to double this figure, of course, with newcomer Galaxy Note 3.

The announcement of this remarkable achievement came on the San Mr. Jk Shin, who is chairman of the mobile sector in Samsung, which also stated that sales of Galaxy Note 3 will outperform its predecessor. Jk Shin expects Samsung to sell more than 10 million units of the Galaxy Note 3, but did not specify how long it will take.

President of Samsung also did not detect all sales of the Galaxy Note 1 and Galaxy Note 2 separately. But it should be noted that the Galaxy Note 2 sales reached 5 million units in just two months. In any case, the performance of Samsung in the smartphone market certainly
successful because they provide a wide variety of devices in various sizes and prices, specifications and all over the world. For example, Galaxy Note 2 made ​​his way to 128 countries are expected to shove Galaxy Note 3 way also to all of these countries or more.
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