Spigen hinting that the date of disclosure of Nexus 5 will be on October 31

Nexus 5,phones,phone,mobile,SamsungSpigen hinting that the date of disclosure of Nexus 5 will be on October 31

The company specialized Spigen in industry - oriented protective covers for smartphones alluded today in the Amazon site to the opening date is uncertain for the next Nexus 5 phone of Google Inc., in collaboration with LG. In fact , the company Spigen detects a new menu in the Amazon site for a new shrouds private phone Nexus 5 , noting that this device will be released in Thirty per month of October.

It is important to note that company Spigen was behind the leaking of high-resolution images of the phone iPhone 5C in addition to confirm the name of the device as well. In addition , it was the same company responsible for leaking the first high-definition image of the phone Galaxy Note 3 Before you Samsung detects it early this month , so it is possible to a large extent that the phone you see in the picture above is actually Nexus 5 next Google phone with the knowledge that embodied in the above image much like a phone that was spotted in the inauguration ceremony of a statue Android KitKat at the headquarters of Google Inc., in addition to the phone , which was spotted at the site of the federal Communications Commission .

Documents to the Federal Communications Commission reveal that the Nexus 5 will include a 4.96 - inch screen at a resolution of Full HD. It is expected derives phone technical specifications of the phone LG G2 , and this means that the Nexus 5 will include a quad -core processor Snapdragon class 800 , the size of 2GB of RAM , internal memory size of 16GB, clearly Rear Camera 13 megapixels . It is likely to be the Nexus 5 first smart phone system supports Android 4.4 KitKat. Unfortunately, we still do not know any details about the new features that are expected to come by this version of the Android system.
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