Telephone monitoring Galaxy S4 running Tizen 3.0 in Indonesia

Samsung,smart phone,phone,mobileTelephone monitoring Galaxy S4 running Tizen 3.0 in Indonesia

Samsung is still not serious in the market of smart phone operating systems , but they still continue to work in order to be so in the future with the operating system Tizen OS.

Even without detection devices operate this system , Samsung has announced some time ago that Tizen system is currently in version 2.0 , but it is scheduled to be detected from the third version (3.0) in early 2014. And what seems this version will come serious changes with respect to the user interface.

One of the lucky people in Indonesia was able to put his hand on a copy of the Galaxy S4 operating system version 3.0 of Tizen, and the latter decided to join us some pictures for this version , and you can look them in the library of images below .

I was supposed to be detected for the first smart phone supports the Tizen OS system in the spring of this year , but it was postponed until August, and then again launch date has been postponed to the end of this year. We do not know yet whether it will actually launch this device at the end of this year or it will be delayed again to the beginning of next year to be detected with the 3.0 version of the system Tizen.

Currently , Tizen regime is in the experimental stages , and is not fully ready to reach consumers. Apart from that , the step of developing Tizen OS system come from Samsung to respond to the steps Google and Microsoft, which have become impress them also portable devices rather than just software development . In any case, the first smart phone running Tizen OS will come middle - class and we do not expect that the Samsung serious marketing campaign for it. Because the Korean company is doing a good job with the Galaxy phones will not take the risk of obstructing it.

However, the Tizen OS system will not be limited to just smartphones , but Samsung will by making it supports other consumer electronics products and mobile computing tools where Android does not offer a lot of services .
   Samsung,smart phone,phone,mobileSamsung,smart phone,phone,mobileSamsung,smart phone,phone,mobile
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