The interpretation of the non-arrival of Snapdragon processor 800 with phone htc one Max

HTC One Max,HTC,phones,phone,mobileThe interpretation of the non-arrival of Snapdragon processor 800 with phone HTC one Max

Earlier this week we have seen some Leaks suggest that the htc one Max will not come Snapdragon processor 800 as it was rumored earlier, but instead of that, they will be provided with a processor slower than a reluctance 1.7GHz, which may mean that the phone will carry Snapdragon processor s4 pro or Snapdragon processor 600. There have been reactions from interested to indicate that the company decided to HTC to do this step because of fears increase cost. But there are no assurances regarding this subject.

Some sources say that the company was unable to use htc Snapdragon processor 800 because of some of the problems associated with monitors, but the theory can explain the absence of Snapdragon 800 on one of the most popular devices that have not been disclosed yet. In view of the fact that we will find Snapdragon processor 800 in US version of Galaxy note 3 and LG G2 and nexus 5 in addition to padfone infinity and Xperia Z ultra in an enormous number of smart phones and other Tablet, it is difficult to imagine how that can be Qualcomm Company to meet all the requests in a short time.

Another theory says that in spite of the fact that the htc aims to hit large markets with phone htc currently leading one, the Taiwanese company looking to cut costs, in order to do so, it had been forced to use old Qualcomm processors. It seems that this theory also tries to reference to the htc one Max may include Snapdragon processor s4 Pro instead of Snapdragon 600.
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