The slide binary version of the Lumia 720 phone on the way

mobile,iphone,Nokia,Lumia 720The slide binary version of the Lumia 720 phone on the way

Was announced Lumia 720 phone for the first time in February this year and exactly at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas of America. And Windows phones classifies iPhone Cost medium with a decent specification. Hesitate now that Nokia is planning to reveal a copy dual-SIM card phone Lumia 720. In fact, the information we received from the lane famous Evleaks which has a proven track record if it comes to products, Nokia, and claims the latter that the phone Lumia 720 with implementers of the SIM card may be in the way, but to the limits moment I do not know when it may happen exactly or what If this version will be available exclusively for certain markets.

In fact, the version is detected bilateral slide for many popular smart phones Android-supported, but most of them are sold in selected markets only. This is because there is no demand for this type of device in other markets.

As a reminder, phone Lumia 720 comes a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution WVGA, dual-core processor Snapdragon S4 Pro class frequency of 1GHz, RAM size of 512MB, with a capacity of 2000mAh battery, the size of 8GB internal memory expandable external memory via MicroSD. The phone also includes rear camera 6 megapixels and 1.3 megapixels front, and all of this comes, of course, running Windows Phone 8.
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