Will it be a nexus 5 global?

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Will it be a nexus 5 global?

recently been monitoring device LG D 821, which carries the name anatel symbolic in the site of the Brazilian communications, which suggests that the Brazilian market might be going to get a very special copy of nexus 5 next.

Google fired the nexus 4 in a limited number of States, this means that Google Inc. and LG may be keen to increase demand for new machinery, based on informal channels with science that Google Inc. was dependent on its souvenir sales outlet email Google play to sell driven current. Well, this may be good news refers to the new Google and LG ready to deal more seriously with the situation this time, this resolution will be without doubt the most welcome.

In any case, nothing is certain until now, perhaps this may be the device that has been spotted recently in the Brazilian communications is only a copy of LG G2, this is what leads us slip in guessing game again.
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