URGENT: BlackBerry Messenger coming after hours

BlackBerryURGENT: BlackBerry Messenger coming after hours

The long-awaited news , BlackBerry officially announced that the application of its own talks will see the light at the Android store and father Store within hours after the resumption of the IPO process . BlackBerry said that there are 6 millions of people have registered in BBM.com site for information about the application, while there is a million people use unofficial application for the company in the Android store.

And to help this great demand on the application , the company will establish a system to follow the line subtraction process in order to be a smoother process , BlackBerry steps to be reported work for the application:

1 - Download the application by entering for BBM.com from your Android or ios.

2 - When you carry the application , put your e-mail to reserve your turn.

3 - We will notify you if it reaches your turn to download the application.

If you are a person who have BBM.com in the application will be used directly without the need to wait , either if they did not register , the company will put millions on the line waiting to get on the application. We hope that Yukon there are not any problems in the process of subtraction , as stated above.

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