Korean media confirmed the arrival date LG G Flex and LG Nexus 5

LG G Flex,LG,Nexus 5,Samsung,phonesKorean media confirmed the arrival date LG G Flex and LG Nexus 5

Korean media doing a good job with respect to monitor the movements of the giants of local including both Samsung and LG, and confirm these media is now in a lengthy article that LG is preparing to actually launch her ​​phone with OLED flexible in the month of November.

Next month we 're going on what seems to see the process of launching phone LG G Flex to the three major telecommunications companies in South Korea , unlike the Galaxy Round , which was launched in limited numbers. Moreover , the global telecommunications companies may adopt awaited LG phone networks, and this means that there is a possibility to see the phone LG G Flex outside the home phone unlike the Korean Galaxy Round , which will be limited to the Korean market only.

LG will be the next curve from top to bottom , and the idea here is that when you see the video clips on the phone, you will get an immersive viewing experience similar to the viewing experience provided by the curved TVs produced by both Samsung and LG.

The article also that the month of November will see also the process of launching phone FireFox announced by the company LG, so you might be talking about both phones at the same event, but the thing that raised our attention the most is the confirmation of these reports that the company LG is going to be behind the manufacture Nexus 5 which is expected to be announced later this month.

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