Huawei denies manufactured phones spy for the Chinese government

smartphones,HuaweiHuawei denies manufactured phones spy for the Chinese government

Huawei Company has specialized in wireless networking and manufacturing of smart phones , tablets and other products denied those reports which says it manufactures smart phones for espionage purposes at the request of the current government in China. And not only that , but also stressed that he had never received orders from the Chinese government in order to take advantage of smart phones or other communication devices so that the government be able to spy on customers.

This statement comes from Huawei company at the time in which it was seen to the fact that the Chinese company pose a security threat by the U.S. government and its presumed relationship with the Chinese government. This is not the first country to have such fears , after more than a year from now almost , Communications Authority confirmed the devices in Canada it is currently studying the feasibility of banning Huawei devices in Canada due to security concerns and potential problems.

Technology companies major accused of colluding with the government to spy on customers , including Microsoft , Google, Facebook, Apple and other tech giants of others, and all of these companies issued statements somewhat similar to reassure customers that they are not being spied by the National Security Agency.
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