Just days is that separates us from the date of the arrival of BBM to Android and iOS platform

BlackBerry,phonesJust days is that separates us from the date of the arrival of BBM to Android and iOS platform

We are here with some good news for owners phones of Android and iOS  who have been waiting a long time ago second chance to install an application BlackBerry Messenger or rather the BBM application on their smart devices . Said Chief Marketing Officer at BlackBerry recently , Mr. Frank Boulben that just a few days is that separates us from the launch date of the application of BBM again on the iOS and Android platform . The application was BBM is only available for BlackBerry users , this application allows for up to 30 people for a collective conversation at one time . As well as a video chat and screen sharing , but this feature is not in the original application , but will be added via update in the future.

It was supposed to arrive BBM application to each of the iTunes store and Google Play in late September. It was the application of BBM available for download already on the iTunes store , but was removed later because the BlackBerry and found that about 1.1 million people have downloaded unofficial version for the application of BBM platform Android and therefore this version counterfeit impossible to provide experience optimized for users of phones Android . So it was not on the BlackBerry company must stop the application and launch it at a later time . The Blackberry hinted recently that it says will launch the application on both platforms competing again.

Six million people have already enrolled on the official website of the BBM application to be notified by BlackBerry when the application is launched again on both Android and iOS . Recently, the BlackBerry said it does not exclude the idea of ​​launching BlackBerry Messenger on Windows Phone 8 platform as well.

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