Lumia 625 share market jumped to 3.1% in India in a matter of just one month

Lumia 625,Nokia,smartphones,Lumia 520,Lumia 920Lumia 625 share market jumped to 3.1% in India in a matter of just one month

While Nokia has decided to disclose some high-end smartphones very interesting, its low cost is eventually able to get the satisfaction of people in emerging markets despite the fact that there are plenty of alternatives that are being launched there during each month. Has been able to phone Lumia 520 to impose himself admirably in these markets, and now it seems that Lumia 625 on its way to being another the next big thing in India, at least that's what refers to the latest figures issued by the agency AdDuplex specialized in advertising on mobile devices. 

According to the company AdDuplex, the phone Lumia 625 has been designed primarily for emerging markets such as India and China, etc. from other emerging countries. But the phone did not take off well in terms of sales, at least in the beginning. However, a month after the launch of the phone in the Indian market, the figures showed that the phone was able to extract 3.1% of the total share of the Windows Phone market in India. 

However owning a 3.1% stake, has managed to Lumia 625 outperform many other smart phones, including the Lumia 920. In spite of this, we suspect that it will spend a period of time before it beats the Lumia 520. In any case, after the acquisition of Microsoft on the Gaza Mobile, Nokia, we believe that the share of the system may fall as well as rise, and this decision depends on Microsoft itself, because some customers refrain now from buying one of the phones Lumia to see what are the plans of Microsoft Corporation in primarily by compliance with the brand and operating platform.

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