40% of the entire YouTube site visitors come from mobile devices

smart phones,portable devices40% of the entire YouTube site visitors come from mobile devices

Google announced recently that 40% of the observations that harvest videos on YouTube come from mobile devices, including smart phones and tablet devices with the knowledge that the percentage of viewers of video clips on YouTube from mobile devices in the past year were not exceed 25%. In 2011, mobile devices were responsible for only 6% of the views that harvest videos on the YouTube site.

Apple has removed the YouTube client in iOS 6 system and allowed the company to submit the application on Google store App Store. Unlike the original client, the application of the new YouTube allows display ads before watching the selected video. It should be noted that the application of YouTube is one of the applications that users browsing through each day, it would be surprising today to submit the device to the customer without applying YouTube.

While continuing portable devices control on the market to replace the screens and desktops, the YouTube continues to add more content neighborhood and other features other new, and is expected to continue the application to be an important tool to provide content on smartphones and tablets and other portable devices.

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