Motorola Droid phones better than the iPhone 5S, according to the report consumers

Motorola,Droid,phones,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iphoneMotorola Droid phones better than the iPhone 5S, according to the report consumers

It seems the Droid phones from Motorola, Inc. offers the best levels of the new Apple phones . In fact, a new report appeared to consumers on mobile devices , and interestingly in this report that recommends consumers purchase Droid phones from Motorola Inc. more than a recommendation to buy new Apple phones , including the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

To be fair enough, it was a tough consumer report is on new iPhone . The new report consumers really likes feature fingerprint recognition Touch ID, and also praised the excellent performance of the iPhone 5S camera , describing it as a first-class . IOS system has got 7 also some praise thanks to the Control Center and improvements to Siri. In addition , the iPhone 5C won some praise in this report, so that the final report described this device as best suited for those with limited income.

But all that was not enough for the new Apple phones to overcome the Droid phones , a subsidiary of Motorola. It has got Droid phones from Motorola recommendation thanks to battery life and large screen sizes , as well as software features such as Google Now and Active Notifications. The strange thing is , that the report did not take into consideration that the new iPhone phones available at all major telecommunications companies , while the Droid phones from Motorola are available at Verizon only. If consumers report actually took this into account , it may be perhaps recommend phone users Moto X.

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