New Image for Google Nexus 5 white

New Image for Google Nexus 5 white

In terms of the design of Google Nexus 5 there is anything awaited , leaks revealed to us about the design from every angle and all the colors available ( black and white ) . Several days ago , Google mistakenly published her shop image for Nexus 5 phone in black. And this is what assured us that the new design flatly.

Also in the past been published a picture of this phone in white, but it was not the whole phone in white , but the back cover. Now a new picture emerged from "C Technology" for white Nexus 5 , which covers the entire device. And undoubtedly Nexus 5 fully white beautiful than to be white color of the rear casing only. We believe that this actually is the correct picture and not what has been leaked previously.

From the date of the official disclosure of hand for a phone Nexus 5 Until now there is no specific date for it. Yes , Google will hold the conference shop Google Play on 22 October , but is not expected to be disclosed at this date . Wait and see what happens.

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