Sapphire protection layer will become more popular in the near future

smart phones,iPhone 5SSapphire protection layer will become more popular in the near future

Sapphire is a layer of protection against glass for electronic devices. This class got some recognition when it was included in the Home button for iPhone 5S . And other companies are using Sapphire in smart phones and tablet devices . According to the IHS specializing in market research , the protection layer Sapphire will become more popular in the near future.

It is important to note that Sapphire is the second most stone hardness only to diamond , and is used to cover the camera lens and buttons and LCD devices . The alloy is measured Sapphire km . Because of the increasing electronic devices that rely on a layer of protection Sapphire has increased demand for this component tremendously. It is expected that the demand for Sapphire of 32 kilometers in the past year to 54 kilometers by the end of this year. By the year 2016 , the demand for Sapphire layer will grow up to 84 kilometers .

Sapphire is used mostly for LED lights , but it is expected to grow overall demand for these glass layer from 5% to 20% in the next year due to the increasing number of smartphones that depend on them.

Now, Sapphire is described to be more resistant to scratches and stronger than glass. However, Corning says that the techniques used in the protective layer of Gorilla Glass 3 achieved results similar to those achieved by Sapphire layer and even the best ones with respect to resist scratches.

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