The launch of the official version of BBM application for "Android" and "iPhone"

The launch of the official version of BBM application for "Android" and "iPhone"

Launched the "BlackBerry" the official version of Instant Messaging application its (BlackBerry Messenger) for " iPhone " hardware and operating system " Android ".

And has become the application of Instant Messaging company's Canadian available on the store , " Google Play " (Google Play) system "Android" , and store applications, " App Store " (App Store) for devices " iPhone " , and in the stores selected applications belonging to the company " Samsung " of South Korea.

The Canadian company said through the official blog , the users who wish to download the application " BlackBerry Messenger " ( BBM ) system " Android " or on the phones , " iPhone " they visit the site , BBM.Com, and then choose the appropriate version for their smart devices.

Can visit the site "BlackBerry Messenger" via a web browser on devices "Android" and "iPhone", and then download the application, and then have the users of these devices enter e-mail addresses of their own, to the company activate and send them to teach them the possibility to start using the application.

The Canadian company said it is able to users who have registered previously within a site "BlackBerry Messenger" the official use of the application immediately without any waiting, through the introduction of the same e-mail that has been recording from which the site.

The "BlackBerry" that the application is available for free download, and drew to demand "peerless" on "BlackBerry Messenger" devices "Android" and "iPhone", and to the efforts made by the team of developers and engineers working to have around the clock to launch this version of "BlackBerry Messenger ", especially after the cessation of the first launch of the application.

It was more than 6 million users who register at the site ( to be the first recipients of any information concerning the application, and after the company announced its intention to launch the application Canadian systems " Android " and iOS.

The company said that, in just seven hours , more than a million users of the system " Android " unofficial download copies of the application , so when the company was in the process of its official release of the operating system for the company "Google" America the end of last September.

It should be noted that the company " BlackBerry " had been announced a month ago stop and postpone the launch of the application of "BlackBerry Messenger" Android " and " iPhone " to be fix the problems and errors occurring, before the re - launch.
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