Amazon phone is expected to be designed by the HTC Corporation

smart phones,HTCAmazon phone is expected to be designed by the HTC Corporation

Featured Today some reports interesting of the newspaper The Financial times , stating that the Amazon is now in a partnership agreement with HTC Corporation to design phones Amazon smart and they are supposed to be those that include a user interface holographic As mentioned in our coverage of the former . According to the newspaper The Financial times, the process of developing the Amazon smart phones by HTC Corporation and reached an advanced stage , but is not expected to be released sometime this year.

Designed smart phones Amazon to be good and easy enough to accelerate the pace of growth Commerce Amazon on the Internet. For this reason , the profit margins are not really a priority for the Amazon . The only drawback in portable products , a subsidiary of Amazon is that they do not work the regular version of the Android system as well as compatibility with the Amazon App Store Shop store instead of Google Play. Of course , users can always hack or download the desired content in many different ways , but generally plates Nexus 7 is a formidable competitor to Amazon products . And by the way , Google does not care about the other is profit margins during the sale of organs smart.

However , it was Amazon's products a large percentage of success, so any move from the e-commerce giant should not be underestimated. If this is true , this agreement means a lot of HTC in terms of the size of the product, but it is not clear what kind of profits that will get the Taiwanese company of this agreement with Amazon . Product development is also a source of distraction , and relieve human resources, so the consequences of the production chain are difficult to predict and difficult to estimate the net gains, and we are confident that HTC has done what is best for their future.

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