apple and Samsung more pleasing to customers in America

apple and Samsung more pleasing to customers in America

There is no doubt that this era is the era of two companies, Samsung and Apple, as they had the best-selling in the world, but what about the consumers' satisfaction about the two companies?.According to a study by JD power, Apple got the first position as the company satisfy consumers to companies Verizon and AT & T, the Samsung got first place in the two companies Sprint and T-Mobile. This study and apparently they were conducted before putting the iPhone to T-Mobile company earlier this year, so we do not know whether Samsung continues to position this company or not.

The Nokia dissolved in second place after the iPhone at AT & T, while the Taiwanese company got a third place for three out of the four companies. BlackBerry will get angry because of this statistic, where three out of four telecommunications companies in the United States, replaced the Canadian company last place.

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