Apple phone does not accurately portray 720p in the slow-motion

Apple,iphone 5S,phone,Galaxy Note 3Apple phone does not accurately portray 720p in the slow-motion

One of the properties of the new Apple phone is that the phone can shoot video 720p slow and at 120 frames per second, but you really portrays the phone such accuracy of the property of slow motion? The answer is no. Only one person, the Apple phone does not accurately portray when shooting 720p slow, when photography you will notice that the details are inaccurate, which means that the phone filming strictly less than the 720p. One of the people filmed one video phone Apple iPhone 5S and the other phone Galaxy Note 3, and by the image below in the Galaxy Note 3 and filmed the 720p was able to more accurately shows the details for the Apple phone.
Apple,iphone 5S,phone,Galaxy Note 3
Then he cut the video captured by Note 3 phone from 720p to 480p, and then re-raise the video resolution to 720p and here was a surprise, as the Apple phone showed these details as shown by the phone  Note 3.

At the bottom you will see the images captured by the phones.
Apple,iphone 5S,phone,Galaxy Note 3         
note3 720p
Apple,iphone 5S,phone,Galaxy Note 3
iphone5s 720p
This thing assures us that the Apple phone videos filmed accurately 480p and then lifting it to 720p, the videos seem great on your iPhone, but was soon disappointed you think when you see a video on TV or PC.

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