Apple reduced the pace of produce iPhone 5C to half

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C may be in trouble. The latest reports that we have received now suggest that Apple has reduced the pace of produce iPhone 5C to half an average of 150 thousand units per day with the knowledge that Apple's been doing in the past to produce 300 thousand units per day. Has proved site CTechCN it trustworthy so that was behind leaking a lot of information and pictures about the iPhone 5C before it is announced in the last month, so there is a big possibility that these reports are true.

Has been speculated in the past that the iPhone 5C will be directed mainly to people who do not allow them to potential physical purchase phone iPhone, which may help Apple to regain some market share from Android in some major markets such as China and India. Unfortunately, these details turned out to be a different price iPhone 5C came very close to the price of the iPhone 5S.

Seems to be emerging markets such as China did not react with the iPhone 5C well and especially that gray markets incredibly prosperous in this country. And despite the fact that iPhone sales were a record, we believe that the iPhone 5S is who was behind the huge bulk of those numbers, while the iPhone 5C was just a secondary option for consumers.

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