BlackBerry say to customers: We will not go to any place we are here to stay

BlackBerry,BlackBerry 10BlackBerry say to customers: We will not go to any place we are here to stay

BlackBerry it seems to have a simple message to its customers and it is stated that users should not worry the company. The Canadian company hopes this message that stands in the face of headlines that dealt with many of the negative news around lately, therefore BlackBerry has developed an open letter in more than 30 newspapers worldwide on Tuesday. According to multiple reports , the BlackBerry company is trying to say to their customers in this letter that they should know that the company will not go anywhere.

BlackBerry wrote in its letter that it does not doubt that all of the headlines seen on the BlackBerry . Probably wondering what that means for each user as one of the tens of millions of other users who rely on the BlackBerry each day . Therefore, the company has stated that it has one important message for each user is that you can for all users continue to rely on BlackBerry.

The letter also highlights what the company sees as its strengths , including its security and network Instant BBM and perhaps more importantly, the fact that they have what they can come back to life again and compete against the giants of the market.

In recent weeks , the BlackBerry revealed disappointing sales of devices BlackBerry 10 and plans to lay off 4,500 of its employees as well as its initial agreement with Fairfax Financial Holdings Co. to acquire the value of U.S. $ 4.7 billion . On the subject of today, said Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Mr. Frank Boulben that many of the company's customers have read a lot about the BlackBerry these days , which caused them some confusion , so the company decided to spread the word in the newspapers in order to clarify one thing for customers is that they can continue to rely on the BlackBerry and the company is here to stay.

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